Controller Boxes Reveal

Controller Box NFTs can be used after the Reveal process is completed in the Marketplace.

Controller Box NFT Purchase

  • A purchased Controller Box NFT can’t be used directly in the game, it must first undergo a process named ‘Reveal.’

  • The reveal process is done exclusively in the MARBLEX NFT marketplace.

Controller Box NFT Reveal

  • In the MARBLEX NFT marketplace, tap the ‘Reveal’ button to check the NFT you purchased.

  • Some Mystery Box NFTs have a set period to be revealed. Reveal is not possible before that set period.

  • Mystery Box NFTs that display a deadline are automatically revealed after a certain period of time without requiring any additional action.

  • If you have a block, penalty, or restriction history with MARBLEX Wallets, you may be restricted from revealing NFTs.

Using a Controller Box

  • Revealing your Controller Box in the Marketplace can earn you a unique designed Controller. Once a Controller is revealed, it can be used in the game.

Controller Box NFT Reveal Steps

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