Fighters' Club Token

The official token of The King of Fighters ARENA.

FCT Introduction

The FCT (Fighters' Club Token) is The King of Fighters ARENA’s utility token that is used on the MARBLEX platform. Users can exchange FM (Fight Money) obtained from The King of Fighters ARENA to FCT and freely use the FCT outside of the game (save, trade, sell, and purchase).

How to Get Fight Money

FM can be earned by playing KOF ARENA with a Controller NFT connected or by owning a Fighter Card NFT. Players can then convert FM to FCT.

Issue & Use Plans

There will be an initial issuance of 1,000,000,000 FCT. If the KOF ARENA’s economy needs to be expanded in scope, then additional FCT may be issued as needed to grow KOF ARENA’s economy.

FCT use plans can be broadly broken up into 4 categories: in-game distribution, marketing, operations, and platform fees. Their amounts and distribution can be seen in the table below.

CategoryIssued Tokens (Quantity)Weight (%)

Distribution via in-game currency and exchanges









MBX deposit



Total quantity




The in-game currency FM can be earned by playing the game with a Controller NFT equipped or by receiving a payout for owning a Fighter Card NFT, and can be exchanged for FCT.

The exchange rate for the conversion of FM to FCT is calculated based off of the number of active Controller NFTs.

The actual exchange rate is an average of the past 7 day's daily exchange rate and each daily exchange rate used in that calculation is also an average, providing a buffer against exchange rate volatility.

The actual exchange rate will switch over to the average of 7 days once daily exchange rates for 3 days have been recorded.

Exchange Limit

Daily limits on FCT converted from FM may be applied to in-game accounts.

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