Controller Combination

The Combination system for Controllers will be added in the future.

Here is an introduction on the Controller Combination system, a future game feature.

The Controller Combination system implementation is scheduled for Phase 2 of our Roadmap. This update will be very important to maintain the value of Controller NFTs.

The King of Fighters ARENA Controller minting mechanism will allow new Controller NFTs to be minted continuously. In order to expand the contents as the game progresses with the existing Controllers, we’ll bring the addition of a Combination System at the time our Roadmap reaches Phase 2.

System Summary

  • Using the Combination system, it’s possible to burn ‘Controller A’ and ‘Controller B’ to form a new, more valuable ‘Controller C.'

  • This is a way of incentivizing players who participate, put in effort, and dedicate their time to The King of Fighters ARENA Economy.

  • KOF ARENA’s system will keep track of the amount of times a Controller was repaired and Controller quantities.

  • The more the game is played using Controllers, the more repair points will be accumulated. The more repair points you have, the more valuable the assets will be when the system is implemented. ※ This content is currently under development and may be subject to change by the time of the actual update.

More details on the Combination system will be announced with Phase 2’s update details. ※ The Update schedule will be determined by the market conditions.

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