The King of Fighters ARENA has currencies for trades and in-app purchases.

Each currency can be used for fighter upgrades, product purchases, and/or currency exchange comissions.

Currency TypeNameDescriptions

In-game Currency


(Fight Money)

  • Obtain FM by playing matches with a Controller connected.

  • Used for Fighter Mastery upgrade, Controller Level Up, Durability Fix, Socket Unlock, and Minting.

  • Can be exchanged for FCT (Fighters' Club Token) * Black Diamonds are required for the exchange.

In-game Currency


  • Used for Fighter Cartridge Summons and Package purchases in the Shop.

  • Can be exchanged for Mystic Cubes, which are used for Mastery upgrades.

In-game Currency

Black Diamond

  • FM can be used to exchange for Black Diamonds in the Black Diamond Exchange Shop.

  • Used as a fee when exchanging FM to FCT.

  • Can also be used for leveling up Controllers immediately, opening Mystery Boxes immediately, and Minting Controllers.

In-game Currency

Mystic Cube

  • Diamonds can be used to exchange for Mystic Cubes at the Mystic Cube Exchange Shop.

  • Used for Fighter Mastery, Team Mastery, and Account Gem upgrades.

Currency for Exchange


(Fighters' Club Token)

  • A bridge currency in between FM (Fight Money) and MBX, which is used to regulate the trade circulation.

  • Can be earned from shares of the Fighter Cards, as well.

Currency for Exchange



  • A growing Cryptocurrency the MBX Corporation is currently servicing.

※ This Guide was written based on the test environment and may be subject to change in the future.

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