MARBLEX SWAP provides users with an instant token swap function and pool deposit service through the AMM method. Through the Automated Market Maker (AMM) method, the asset price is determined according to the price calculation algorithm, and SWAP is possible without gas cost.

Reasons to Use MBX SWAP

● Convenient Connection

It can be used on both the web and mobile. When using it on the web, you can conveniently sign a transaction through an ID login without connecting to the wallet. *Users can use Swap, Liquidity Supply, and Pool Management functions on the web. Only the Swap function will be provided first on mobile for a limited time.

● Instant AMM Exchange

AMM (Automated Market Maker) is a decentralized exchange that uses an algorithm to collect liquidity from users and price assets in the pool. The exact mechanism varies from exchange to exchange, but generally, AMM offers high liquidity, low trading fees, and 100% trading uptime to as many users as possible. SWAP transactions provide immediate liquidity through the deposit pool funds. They are more convenient than the order book format in which a transaction corresponding to the order must occur to execute an order.

● Free Gas

For most swap services, a gas fee is charged to use the service. The user must additionally provide a monthly Gas Fee for service use. In MBX SWAP, the service operator pays the user's Gas Fee. Users can use the service without the burden and hassle of purchasing gas.

● 100% Fee Reduction (50% Fee burned, 50% Liquidity Supply compensation resources utilized)

50% of the fee MBXL (Bridge Token -> Game Token Swap free of charge) generated from the SWAP service is used as compensation for Liquidity Supply. The remaining 50% is burned, leading to the deflation of MBX. The more MBX SWAP you use, the more MBXL will be burned.

● Liquidity Provision Reward / Incentive Payment Liquidity Provision Reward

Liquidity Provision Reward: MARBLEX users who provide liquidity to the deposit pool will receive 0.15% of the Swap Fee as a reward in proportion to their stake. These rewards accumulate automatically in the Deposit Pool, and liquidity providers receive tokens with Liquidity Provision Rewards when they recover the supplied liquidity without a separate claim process. Incentive Payment: MARBLEX users who provide liquidity can acquire additional incentives allocated to the pool as a reward in proportion to their stake. Incentives can be not only MBXL but also Game Tokens. The user must receive incentives by clicking manually.

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