Gems & Sockets

A system where you can insert Gems into compatible Sockets in the Controllers to increase the performance.


  • Gems are accessories that are put into the Sockets of Controllers to increase the 4 attributes of the Controllers.

  • The Attributes of Controllers can be increased either by leveling up or paying Gems.

  • Each Attribute has its own Gem, so there are a total of 4 types of Gems.

  • You can obtain a higher level Gem by combining multiple Gems, as well.

How to Obtain

  • Gems are acquired by opening up Mystery Boxes. ※ Gems are available through Mystery Boxes.

  • Mystery Boxes can be obtained at a certain rate when you play a P&E match with a Controller connected. ※ Mystery Boxes require a certain amount of time before they can be opened and only one Mystery Box can be opened at once. ※ You may use Black Diamonds to immediately open up a Mystery Box or open additional boxes.

Effects of the Elements

  • The Gems can increase the following Elements of the Controllers:



Increases the amount of FM gained from a match.


Determines the probability of earning a Mystery Box.


TBA in a later update.


Determines the Durability Loss & Fixing Price.

Combining Gems

  • You can combine Gems of the same color and level.

  • If successful, then you will obtain a Gem one grade higher.

  • If unsuccessful, then you will lose all the Gems used for combination.

  • Apart from the Gems used when combining, you will also need other payments to combine.


  • Sockets allow Gems to be inserted in Controllers.

  • You can insert Gems into the Sockets to increase the Attributes of the Controller.

Socket Unlock

  • The 4 Sockets on a Controller will be locked at first when you obtain a Controller.

  • As the Controller’s level goes up, you will be able to unlock the Sockets.

  • A certain amount of payment is required for unlocking the Sockets.

Socket Unlock Rules by Controller Level

LevelAdded Function


Gem Socket 1 Unlock Available


Minting Available


Gem Socket 2 Unlock Available


Gem Socket 3 Unlock Available


Gem Socket 4 Unlock Available

Socket Colors

  • There are differently colored Sockets.

  • Gems that do not match the color of the Socket cannot be inserted.

Socket Grades

  • The Socket grade does not limit which Gems can be inserted.

  • Additional Attribute increases are applied when Gems are inserted into higher grade Sockets.

※ This Guide was written based on the test environment and may be subject to change in the future.

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