Staking System

We would like to share with our Challengers that FCT has been added to the MARBLEX staking system so that you'll now be able to stake KOF ARENA's FCT!

If you stake FCT during the pre-staking period, you'll get the added benefit of a lower fee applied than during the regular staking season period.

Check below for more details on the staking system.

◈ The Addition of FCT to the Staking System

■ Details

- FCT will be added to the MBX staking system so FCT staking will now be possible.

- Challengers who deposit at least 2 FCTs for a duration of 7 days or longer will be awarded.

※ The official staking period will be announced through our official community channels.

■ How to Stake

STEP 1. Run the MARBLEX Wallet App and tap the [FCT] window by navigating to [Game Tokens] > [Staking].

STEP 2. Enter the amount of FCT that you would like to stake and press the [Next] button!

Be sure to check the final amount that you entered and press [Stake].

* The minimum staking amount is 2 FCTs.

STEP 3. Enter the Trading Password and tap the [Confirm] button to complete staking.

■ Notes

* The event may be subject to change depending on its progress.

* The MARBLEX Wallet must be linked to your KOF ARENA account in order to participate in the event.

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