Vision & Road Map

We seek to keep the nature of The King of Fighters while creating a sustainable Tokenomics.


As one of SNK’s top IPs, The King of Fighters holds numerous fans all over the world with its focus on battle arena fighting systems. The King of Fighters ARENA keeps the original IP as much as possible and allows players to use the skills of various fighters from the world of The King of Fighters at the touch of a button. Our first priority is to ensure that our players have fun playing the game and bring back the nostalgia.

However, our objective does not simply end here. By implementing blockchain technology to the game, we have created a gaming environment where players can also profit off of playing. Play to Earn, a trending game type in the cryptocurrency world, is what we have added onto the preexisting IP to add a hint of excitement for our players. In addition, for those of us who aren’t familiar with or have a difficult time enjoying the battles, we have added an “Own to Earn” system to profit from the game regardless of playing actual matches. We are doing our best to come up with ideas so that many of our fans can enjoy the game and participate in the NFT trend.

The MARBLEX platform will be a perfect base for us to achieve our objectives. The King of Fighters ARENA will be an important factor for the expansion of MARBLEX in the endless expansion of the blockchain world.


The King of Fighters ARENA will continue to provide updates that to maintain a sustainable and enjoyable gaming environment.

Updated contents will include various community benefits, rewards and NFTs for players, which will collectively bring further excitement and joy to fans of The King of Fighters IP and improve the players’ experiences with P&E (Play and Earn) gameplay.

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