Mystic Cube Exchange Shop

Mystic Cube Exchange Shop allows players without a Controller connected to earn Mystic Cubes, a currency required to enhance Fighter Mastery.

Mystic Cube Exchange Shop

  • Black Diamonds and Mystic Cubes can be exchanged at the Mystic Cube Exchange Shop.

  • Following a certain period of time, the Black Diamonds will be first exchanged, and Mystic Cubes will be exchanged after.

  • The available Mystic Cube exchanges (through the Shop) will be determined by the Black Diamond exchanges. The exchange period will follow a certain schedule.

Black Diamond/Mystic Cube Exchange System

Black Diamond Exchange

  • You may exchange FM for Black Diamonds.

  • The amount of Mystic Cubes that can be exchanged will be determined by the Black Diamond exchanges.

Mystic Cube Exchange

  • Once the exchange period ends for Black Diamonds, the Mystic Cube exchange period will open.

  • Mystic Cubes can be exchanged with Diamonds, which can be purchased in the app.

  • Only the available amount of Mystic Cubes can be exchanged.

Things to Note when Exchanging

  • FM → Black Diamond, Diamond → Mystic Cube exchange ratio will follow a set rule.

  • The above exchanges will not incur an additional fee.

  • Limitations on exchange amount are based on the player’s Season Tier ranking.

※ This Guide was written based on the test environment and may be subject to change in the future.

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