Learn more about The King of Fighters ARENA through the Whitepaper!

In this Whitepaper, you can expect to read about important updates and detailed information about The King of Fighters ARENA. From gameplay to Tokenomics and brand new updates, the Whitepaper covers ample amounts of important information!

We intend to provide as much information as possible and answer questions that you may have regarding The King of Fighters ARENA. That being said, information about the Play-and-Earn mechanism will also be included.

The King of Fighters ARENA team will continuously update this Whitepaper and the updates will be grounded on the notion of maintaining sustainable development. We will do our utmost best to provide the latest versions of details.

Version: 2022.11.11 - “Information Update”

  • Updated new guides ※ Added the Controller Minting guide ※ Added the FM (Fight Money) guide ※ Added Mystery Box Guide ※ Added the Token Exchange Formula Guide ※ Added the Token Characteristics Guide ※ Added MARBLEX Guide

  • Removed NFT Pre-sale related guide

  • Adjusted some content terminologies in the guide.

Version: 2022.10.27 - “Information Update”

  • Pre-sale information has been added to the Whitepaper. ※ The Controller NFT’s Pre-sale Price is worth $160 MBX, and the standard MBX market price is $3.5. ※ Due to that, the final discount rates have slightly changed.

  • Certain guides, such as Fighter Card, Vision & Road Map, and NFT had their content revised.

Version: 2022.09.28 - “Welcome to The King of Fighters ARENA”

  • Vision & Roadmap

  • Game Introduction

  • Introduction to Tokenomics

The King of Fighters ARENA’s Objective

Our objective is to highlight the very nature of the game’s exciting battle system and provide a profitable environment for token holders. Along with high quality game contents, we will provide a sustainable Tokenomics that will ensure a stable profit.

Moreover, the team will also focus on the very nature of fighting games by encouraging on/offline competitions to discover many star players and make the best fighting platform in e-sports.

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