Controller Scholarship

Scholarship is a sponsorship system that allows Challengers to experience the use of Controllers with their gameplay.

Scholarship Summary

The Scholarship system refers to a system that allows a player with a Controller to lend it to another player without one for a short period of time, and split the profits earned (Mined FM) from playing with the equipped Controller.

  • The system consists of a "Sponsor,” who lends a Controller to another player, and a "Recipient”, who utilizes the borrowed Controller to play. The borrowed Controller is called the “Sponsored Controller”.

  • The Recipient can play with a Controller borrowed from the Sponsor for the duration of the sponsored time, and will be required to split the profits generated from the activity.

The Scholarship System of KOF ARENA is a system that allows users with multiple Controllers to generate more profits while providing Challengers without a Controller the opportunity to experience P&E gameplay.

In order to utilize this profitable system for both parties, the following requirements must be met.

<Sponsored Controller Listing Requirements>

  • The Controller should not be connected to any account.

  • Only Controllers with 100% durability are available for listing.

  • It should be in an Unsealed state.

  • It should not be in the process of leveling up.

  • It should not be in the state of Minting Cooldown.

  • No Stat Element Points should be remaining.

  • The maximum Energy increase, which is determined by the number of owned Controllers, is applied, excluding the number of Sponsored Controllers.

  • The Recipient must not already own a Controller (including a Sealed Controller).

  • The Controller is only available to use for a duration of 3 days.

  • While using the sponsored Controller, a new Controller can be purchased.

  • In the event that a new Controller has been purchased during the sponsorship period, it can be used after the sponsorship period expires.

  • The minimum Tier requirement to use the respective Controller will be determined depending on the Efficiency stats of a registered Scholarship Controller.

  • Tier limits exist for the use of Sponsored Controllers, according to the Controllers Efficiency. Specific conditions are as follows.

EfficiencyTier Limits

Equal to or higher than 88

Equal to or higher than Gold 1

Equal to or higher than 58

Equal to or higher than Gold 3

Equal to or higher than 37

Equal to or higher than Gold 5

Equal to or higher than 1

Equal to or higher than Bronze 5

If you have met conditions above, please check the function below.

▶ Scholarship Menu

  • Detailed information of Controllers that you sponsor can be viewed by going to Player Career from the lobby screen.

  • The My Sponsorship Status tab displays detailed information of the Recipient’s use of my listed Sponsor Controller on loan.

  • The Received Sponsorship Status tab displays the Sponsor nickname and the sponsorship duration.

Rewards are distributed based on the battle results for the duration of the sponsorship. However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to the rewards distribution. Please check the following notes.

▶ Notes for Reward Distribution

  • The Durability of the sponsored Controller will be repaired first, and the cost will be deducted from the earned profits before the reward distribution. In the event that the earned FM has been used up to repair the Controller's Durability, there may not be any FM rewards left to be distributed.

  • A Scholarship Sponsor will earn profits even if a Recipient loses a match, however the Recipient won't receive any profits.

  • The FM split ratio between a Sponsor and Recipient will be determined based on the battle records.

  • Matches played while equipping a sponsored Controller will not grant Mystery Boxes.

  • Rewards will be sent to the Mailbox once the sponsored period ends.

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