Fighter Card

In The King of Fighters ARENA, there exists a Fighter Card NFT. Fighter Card owners can receive various benefits.

Fighter Card is a new system The King of Fighters ARENA is presenting.

The benefits for the Fighter Card are as follows:

Fighter Card Benefit Types


Community Benefits (ex: Discord Badge)

Earn FCT

Fighter Club Benefits (To be updated)


* The FCT earned from the “Earn FCT” system is determined by the amount of FM generated in game.

Let’s take a look at the “Earn FCT” benefit in detail and how it works.

The King of Fighters ARENA provides additional FM (Fight Money) every Season to each of the fighters that the player plays with and earns profit with. When the Season ends, players with Fighter Cards will be rewarded for portion of the accumulated profit.

Thus, Fighter Card owners will benefit from earning a portion of the mined currency for the fighter in the card.

Not only can you play the fighter yourself and obtain currencies in The King of Fighters ARENA, but you can also take part in The King of Fighters ARENA’s vision and earn additional rewards.

How to obtain a Fighter Card

  • Fighter Cards are Minted by the developer, and players can purchase them through INO (Initial NFT Offering) from MARBLEX or through the Marketplace.

  • Each fighter has a different amount of FM available for mining, so the purchasing options and prices will vary depending on the actual mining amount of the players.

  • The Fighter Card Promotions from the MARBLEX INO and Marketplace will take place after the game’s Grand Launch and the schedule will be released afterwards, as well.

Trading with Other Users

  • After making a purchase for the first time, players will be able to trade cards with others through the Wallet and NFT market.

  • A transaction fee will be charged when trading.

Reward Distribution

  • Rewards will be distributed to NFT owners following a set schedule, and the owners can claim the rewards and keep them in the MARBLEX Wallet.

  • All transactions of rewards will be only available through the KOF ARENA Official Website.

  • A total of 64 NFTs will be issued per fighter, and the number of NFTs issued according to the Fighter Card grade and the reward share distribution ratio per NFT are as follows.

GradeIssued QuantityNFT Reward Share Ratio per card













Ex) When mining a total of 10,000,000 FM with Iori fighter in the game, the profit that can be obtained from one Limited grade Fighter Card is 20,000 FM (Dividends are distributed in FCT).

Fighter Card Lock Up/Unlock Up

  • Only when your Fighter Card is Locked Up will you be able to request for shares.

  • When trading with other players, you must Unlock Up the Fighter Card.

  • Cooldown time will be activated once “Locked Up”.

Fighter Card Grades

  • The Fighter Cards are divided into 4 different grades: Legendary/Epic/Rare/Limited

  • Updated contents will include various benefits and rewards related to the Fighter Cards, which will collectively bring further excitement and joy to fans of The King of Fighters IP and improve the players’ experiences with P&E (Play and Earn) gameplay, so please stay tuned.

※ This Guide was written based on the test environment and may be subject to change in the future. ※ Additional benefits (providing FCT, etc.) that result from Fighter Card NFT ownership may be adjusted or deleted in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. ※ Terms and Conditions can be viewed on the King of Fighters Arena Official Website ( ※ The decision to purchase Fighter Card NFTs is made solely by the purchaser. The company is not liable for any damages arising out of ownership of Fighter Card NFTs nor does it guarantee the value of Fighter Card NFTs. ※ Dividends after the decimal point are rounded down and in cases when the dividend is below 1, it is not paid.

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