Token Swap

The AMM method allows users to swap tokens quickly. *Supported Swap pairing Bridge Token<->Game Token, Game Token<->Game Token

MARBLEX users select the token pair they wish to swap and enter the number of 'From' tokens. The number of 'To' tokens is calculated automatically by the AMM method.

The Receipt displays information at the moment of the request for a swap. MARBLEX users can check the meaning of each piece of information in the FAQ tab. Fees may incur when swapping. The Fee Policy can be found below.

Bridge Token: MBXL Game Token A, Game Token B: Game Tokens belonging to different games (ex. FCT, NKT) Game Token C(1), Game Token C(2): Different Game Tokens belonging to the same game (ex. NKA, NKT)

*Direct Swap between Game Tokens is not supported. When swapping between Game Tokens, it goes through MBXL. Ex.) FCT<->NKA Swap calculates the output MBXL from the FCT/MBXL pool and again uses the Input MBXL calculated from the NKA/MBXL pool to obtain the final output NKA to receive.

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