The King of Fighters ARENA is based on a season system with Tiers and Grades depending on your win/loss rate during the season.

Season Progression

  • The King of Fighters ARENA is seasonal.

  • You can check the current Season and progress by clicking on the [Season] menu on the bottom left corner of the Main Screen. ※ The Season’s schedule is subject to change depending on the progression.

  • During a Season, your Tier and Grade will be determined by your Win/Loss rate.

End of Season

  • At the end of Season, a reward will be given depending on your place Tier and Grade.

  • The Tier and Grade you placed at the end of the Season will determine your starting Tier and Grade for the next Season.

  • Season Rewards will be sent to your Mailbox at the end of the Pre-season.

  • After the Pre-season ends, the Rewards will be sent out at the beginning of the regular Season.


  • Before the start of next Season, a Pre-season will begin.

  • The Tier and Grade earned during the Pre-season will not count towards your placement in the regular Season. ※ Under the matching pop-up, a message will appear notifying you that you are playing during the Pre-season.

※ This Guide was written based on the test environment, so it is subject to change in the future.

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