Token Characteristics

Acquisition Proportional to Skill

FCT is built for players who actively play KOF Arena. Players who constantly strive to reach higher leagues will earn substantially more than players who play just to "mine" FCT.

Reasonable Value

The algorithm for the FM to FCT exchange rate is built to adjust to FCT production and with a finite service duration in mind to set reasonable values per token.

Value Conservation

KOF Arena implements FM sinks in the form of Controller NFT repairs and enhancements, new Controller NFT minting and more to combat the effects of token inflation.

Additionally, players that aspire to be tournament champions and players looking to maximize their in-game earnings by climbing the leagues will be incentivized to spend FM via the Mastery system, which preserves the value of FCT even further.

Reliable Investment Asset

FCT will remain a reliable investment asset because FCT will only be used for in-game exchange, marketing, and platform fees to covering the cost of operation and development. We will never directly sell tokens to any entity.

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