Exchange MBXL <-> MBX

MBX Swap Service currently only supports swaps between MBXL and Game Tokens. Here's how to exchange MBX for MBXL.

"Difference between MBX and MBXL MBX: MBX Token is a public token with market value on the public chain and serves as the top currency within its token ecosystem. MBXL: MBXL Token is a bridge token for connection and circulation that exists only within the private chain ecosystem."

Exchange on the Web

Exchange is possible in the 'Get MBXL' column at the bottom left of the swap page. If you click 'Open To Exchange,' the MBX Wallet pop-up window appears, and you can exchange after logging in.

Exchange on Mobile

Exchange is possible within the mobile MBX Wallet app. After selecting the MARBLEX Token on the main screen, you can exchange it by selecting the MARBLEX Link Token from the To Token.

Exchange Fee : There may be a fee for exchanging MBX and MBXL. The fee is only payable when exchanging MBXL for MBX. The generated Klaytn Gas Fee is free.

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